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Nicholas L. Britten, D.M.D.

Smiling is good for the human mind, body, and soul. Scientifically speaking smiling helps release mood-boosting endorphins, which improves circulation to the face and boosts confidence. It also makes a person look younger, look more attractive, and actually live longer! That being said, if someone doesn’t like their smile they tend to hide it, and that is just a very unfortunate way to have to experience life.

Dr. Nicholas Britten life’s mission is helping the people of the Tampa area remember how good it feels to smile. “There is nothing quite like seeing the tears of joy or receiving a heartfelt hug when showing a patient their before and after photos. It is absolutely the best part of my job.” His desire is to recreate this feeling every single day for his patients.

Dr. Britten comes highly recommended on account of his extraordinary dentistry and is particularly well-known for his keen eye for detail and precision. To say that he has always been the ultimate perfectionist in every aspect of  life would be an immense understatement. Once he recognized that a career in Cosmetic and Comprehensive Dentistry would allow him to channel this “inner OCD” as well as utilize his uncommon manual dexterity talents and ability to create things in his mind’s eye (all while making a tremendous positive difference in someone’s life), his path became clear. It is these same qualities that his patients love, respect, and drive many miles from all over the country to acquire!

Since Dr. Britten began practicing in 2009 he has spent and will continue to spend countless hours analyzing patient photos and taking continuing education coursework because   1) it’s fun for him and 2) he believes his patients deserve nothing short of amazing results. More importantly, they deserve a smile they can be proud to share with everyone!

Dr. Britten is actively seeking accreditation with the American Association of Cosmetic Dentistry, which requires demonstration of advanced skills and knowledge and is considered the highest level of competence in cosmetic dentistry. It is an honor achieved by only about 340 dentists in the history of the organization.


Family and Home Life

Dr. Britten was born and raised in North Tampa and attended Jesuit High School before attending the University of Florida. He met his wife Larisa in their second grade class at Maniscalco Elementary School in 1991! They attended most of the same schools growing up, started dating in the fall of 2008, and have been madly in love with each other ever since. They have a blast living in South Tampa next door to his identical twin brother Todd and a few streets down from his other brother Matt, plus both of their incredible families (let’s just say the Brittens are a close group). When he’s not at the office Dr. Nicholas Britten is a fervent Bucs and Gators fan, an amateur cook, an even more amateur golfer, an audiobook, music, and movie enthusiast, and a fun yet responsible uncle. He and his wife also have fun doing Crossfit to help keep their bodies in working order.